Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Renewable Energy Support

     When will we finally realize that in order for the US to develop long term renewable energy sources that the government and consumers will need to be behind it?  We have watched the ebb and flow of wind and solar power investment as the production tax credits expire and get renewed.  We have watched the biodiesel industry die in 2010 to less than 20% of the total production with the expiration of the tax credit.  
     We can't have our cake and eat it to.  At least not right now.  The cost of renewable electricity and fuels are higher than their "dirty" alternatives.  We have to go into this with our eyes wide open knowing that it is a path we must take but it is not the least expensive today.  It will be in the long run, but not today.
     I urge everyone to educate themselves on these support programs and then contact your elected officials to ensure that they are supporting the programs for the long term.
     Investment in the renewable energy space is drying up right before our eyes.  The lack of decisive governmental support is going to set the renewable energy industry back decades if we do not make it a priority.  We have banks that are too big to fail, we have auto companies which are to big to fail, we have multi billion dollar war efforts under way, and the government supports these efforts consistently.
     There are billions of dollars invested in renewable energy infrastructure and projects in the US alone.  Many of these investments are sitting idle due to lack of support or adequate investment.  Why can we not see the importance of supporting renewable energy development?  The government wants to create jobs.  Ensuring that these facilities are running consistently provides thousands of full time jobs.  In the coming decades as these resources become more valuable our choices to support renewable energy will make an ever increasing impact in our daily lives.  We need to ensure that we making the right decisions today.

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